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Difficult to make a choice? What does all of these functions mean?

Explanation of some options and functions:

6 Volt: related electric ride on car has a 6 Volt battery and one motor*.  The speed of the most models with 6 Volt motor is maximum 3 km per hour* (*unless otherwise stated).

2x 6 Volt: models with 2 batteries of 6 Volt are still operating with 6 Volt power, but they have two motors. One motor on each rear wheel. Electric ride on cars with 2 motors are driving more stabile and more powerful.

12 Volt: models with 12 Volt have one 12 Volt battery or 2 batteries of 6 Volt which are connected serial. 12 Volt models have two motors. One motor on each rear wheel. The speed is maximum 6 km per hour* (*unless otherwise stated).

Driving on grass: ride on toys with 12 Volt and 2 motors have enough power to drive n grass or unpaved roads. However, driving on grass or unpaved roads consumes more power causing low battery.

2 speed, 3 speed or ‘high/low’ speed: this ride on car has adjustable speed functions. Usually you can adjust the speed on the car or on the remote control or on both of them. We advise to start with the lowest speed and adjust this step-by-step. The speed of 12 Volt models is adjustable from 3 to 6 km per hour* (*unless otherwise stated).

‘Soft Start’ or ‘Slow Start’ or ‘2.4 GHz remote control’: electric kids cars with this function will accelerate soft and increase the speed step-by-step. Your child will not feel any shock when accelerating.

Age indication: electric ride on toys are sold word wide. Because of this, factories are very careful with the age indication. They advise an age indication of 3 till 8 years. However, customer uses the kids cars thanks to the included remote control mostly for children from 1 year. Parents are responsible to follow the advice and estimate careful the timing of usage. Usually children till 5 years will fit in the most models and sometimes even till 6 years*. Contrary to what is stated in the manual or on the box children of 6 years or older will not fit in the ride on car anymore. Please open the “specifications” of each product to check the age indication. Supervision of parents/adult is advised for all ages (*unless otherwise stated).

1 or 2 seats: in spite of the number of headrests on the photo most of the ride on cars are suitable for 1 child. You can read that on the specifications of each product. You can also find some models with 2 seats. These models are suitable for 2 small children of 1 bigger child usually till 6 years old* (*unless otherwise stated).

'Metallic colour', 'painted' or 'glossy': related electric ride on toys are glossy painted and has a better finishing. Otherwise you will have the standard plastic finishing.




  • Read and follow the instructions regarding usage and safety on the User Manual;
  • Use products as advised for your own safety and to keep the warranty coverage;
  • Turn off the product during charging;
  • Keep your product dry. Frost and moisture can completely or partially damage your product. Unfortunately, defects in terms of frost or moisture will not be covered by the warranty;


 Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question or for any needed information.

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